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San Antonio Residential Disinfecting Service

Dr. Fects San Antonio has paved the way for an innovative method to keep your home free of bacteria and viruses. Our total process disinfects and sanitizes your home and contents on all surfaces using an all-natural, non-bleach, hospital-grade disinfectant with no lingering odor, no residue, and no rinsing needed after application. We use state of the art, patented technology to quickly and conveniently disinfect & sanitize your home in less than an hour. The second step of our process includes applying a 90 day antimicrobial layer on all surfaces that shields your home from harboring harmful viruses and bacteria.

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Dr. Fects Guarantee

Dr. Fects guarantees each member of your home is protected from harmful bacteria and viruses including H1N1, COVID-19, SARS, flu and so many more. Our treatment eradicates bacteria, viruses, mold, pest debris, allergens, dander, pollen and more in your home. Our disinfection and sanitizer solution is gentle, does not require wiping or rinsing, and is not irritating to you or your pets’ eyes and nose. Our virus protection solution is safe for all surface objects.

Protecting San Antonio

The Dr. Fects solution can be sprayed onto any surface. This coating is proven to continuously control a broad spectrum of microorganisms for up to 90 days per application. Instead of poisoning a microorganism with toxic chemicals, the coating physically pierces the outer membrane of an organism to destroy it.

The result is a long lasting, non-toxic, continuously self-cleaning and self- disinfecting surface.

Dr. Fects Protects Your...

Dr. Fects Protects Your...


Most kitchens are swimming in bacteria, and it isn’t just the kitchen sponge that’s to blame. Dr. Fects disinfects every surface of your kitchen to remove harmful germs.

Living Room

Living rooms are the center of every household and are dirtier than you’d care to think about. From remote controls to couches and tables, we disinfect every surface.


You don’t have to travel far to come in contact with bacteria. In fact, plenty are living right in your own bedroom. Let us protect your bed, curtains, dressers and every other surface.


The most common types of bacteria found in any bathroom are E.coli, bacteroidaceae, streptococcus and salmonella. Our solution focuses on bacteria hotbeds to prevent the spread.

Outdoor Living

Outdoor furniture is often overlooked when cleaning the home but in order to keep germs and bacteria away, it is a must. Dr. Fects will keep every surface of your outdoor furniture disinfected.

Everything In Between

From laundry rooms and closets to garages and home offices, every area of your home is susceptible to harboring bacteria and viruses. We ensure you feel safe and healthy in your home.

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