Dr. Fects Pricing

.10¢ per sqft - Non-COVID Spray
.15¢ per sqft - COVID Treatment

$165 minimum (90 day protection)

  • Month One: Initial disinfecting spray and 90 day protection spray
  • Month Three: Follow-up disinfecting spray
  • Month Six: Follow-up protection spray (90 day protection)
  • Month Nine: Follow-up disinfecting spray

Properties We Disinfect

• Houses
• Townhomes
• Apartments
• Condominiums
• Airbnb/Vacation Rental Properties
• Mobile Homes / Trailers

Additional Services

• Outdoor Furniture & Patio: +$75
• COVID-19 Emergency Treatment
• Vehicle Disinfecting & Protection: $25 / vehicle
• Boats: +$75

Have Questions?

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Do I have to leave during the disinfecting process?

Dr. Fects requires everyone must leave the home (including pets) prior to our technicians arriving. We also suggest our customers stay out of the home for 30 minutes after we are complete with the job to allow the solutions to settle.

How long does an average spray take?

The average home takes approximately 45 minutes to spray.

Who is spraying my home?

Dr. Fects technicians are trained and certified sprayers. They are uniformed and their backgrounds have been extensively checked. Our technicians are also fully insured.

What do I do with my pets?

Our products are non-toxic and will not have any negative effect on pets. However, we require the pet to be placed outdoors or put in a kennel for the safety of the technician.

Are my electronics safe?

Yes, due to the technology of the electrostatic machine all electronics can and will be sprayed.

What if someone visits my home and has COVID-19?

Dr. Fects has an emergency active COVID protocol. This protocol consists of a disinfecting spray upon arrival, then we bring in a full deep cleaning team that’s protected with PPE gloves and masks to deep clean the home.

Our deep cleaning team is dispatched to homes within four hours of the initial call. We follow 100% CDC guidelines.

Contact 1-888-509-5589 for additional information

What if I need to cancel?

It’s no problem! Please call Dr. Fects and notify us of the cancellation. Your card on file will be charged the $75 non-refundable booking fee.

Can you disinfect my office or business location?

Absolutely. We have a commercial division through Jan Pro of San Antonio. Please give us a call at 210-525-1997.

Is the chemical safe on my plants?

Yes. Our formula is non-toxic, EPA approved, and safe for plants.

What are the Dr. Fects service areas?

We are currently servicing the San Antonio metro area including Boerne and New Braunfels.

Does this guarantee no one in my home will contract COVID-19?

No company can guarantee that due to a variety of factors including human to human interactions and the possibility of contracting the virus away from your home.